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About Us

A Little Bit More About Us

Black Eagle Financial Group is a proprietary trading firm and financial organization with one simple goal in mind: help professional traders take their trading to the next level. With a hedge fund, a proprietary trading firm and a financial services company, we’re here to elevate and support our funded traders from all over the world.

Unlike typical Wall Street mentality where quarterly results are all that matter, we take a long term approach to our business, our traders and our relationships. This, combined with our team’s extensive experience in the hedge fund, proprietary trading, brokerage and banking industries, has allowed us to foster long lasting relationships with vendors. This gives us the flexibility to tailor everything we do for our groups and traders.

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Professionalism and Trust in Trading

We stepped in to create an environment of trust and professionalism for funded traders to thrive in, as it had become all too common for traders to encounter issues such as compromised trading capabilities, order flow front-running, or delayed payments on their deposits and accumulated profits due to questionable practices by trading firms. By upholding our values and adopting an approach focused on capital security, sound risk management, and regulatory compliance, we have built one of the largest global networks of the best prop trading firm traders.

We are dedicated to upholding our values and driven to an approach that includes security of your capital, sound risk management and regulatory compliance.