At Black Eagle Financial Group, we understand that efficient and flexible routing options are crucial for successful trading. That’s why we’re committed to providing advanced routing options that connect to multiple execution brokers. This approach allows our traders to access enhanced liquidity swiftly and efficiently, setting us apart as a proprietary trading firm that truly caters to the needs of professional traders.

We’re proud to offer over 130 pre-built trading routes, covering all lit exchanges, smart order routers, and various types of pools and aggregators. This extensive selection ensures that you have a wide range of choices when it comes to routing your orders.

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However, we recognize that every trader is unique, and that’s why we’ve introduced a cutting-edge feature: AI routing. Unlike standard static routing, which uses a hard-coded sequence to send orders through multiple destinations, our AI routing dynamically adjusts the sequence or weighting of each single order. This adjustment is based on current fill rates, available price improvement, destination latency, and other factors. The result? Faster order routing with increased price improvement and higher fill rates.

Our custom routing feature allows you to design your own path to market interaction, aligning with your unique strategy and goals. Whether you’re navigating the markets or leveraging our competitive pricing, you can do so with the assurance that your routing needs are well catered for.

At Black Eagle Financial Group, we’re more than just a proprietary trading firm. We’re your partner in creating a trading environment that’s tailored to your needs. Explore our advantages to learn more about how we can enhance your trading experience.

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