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Frequently Asked Questions

We currently offer trading on US equities and options markets and are working to expand into other markets in the near future.

We currently offer trading on Sterling Trader Pro. Want to use another platform? Contact Us today and we’ll work to offer it.


No, we offer trading to traders from all over the world and currently have traders in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America.

Not necessarily and most traders and groups that trade with Black Eagle have not put up any capital. Should we require capital based on the track record, strategy, risk requirements and expected results for the group, we will work to make sure that it is an amount that all parties are comfortable with.


Since we do not take capital from many of our groups, we do not work based on leverage but rather on buying power required. Depending on what the group and trader needs to run their strategy as well as their track record and profitability, we strive to offer as much buying power as needed to maximize profitability and offer the traders the ability to scale up.

Only a few traders actually trade from a Black Eagle office and almost all trade remotely or from an independent trading floor organized by their group manager.

While most of our traders come to us as groups of traders, we do accept experienced individual traders as well under certain circumstances.

While we do not currently offer a formal training program, we run a mentorship program that puts trainees directly in touch with successful, experienced traders. Rather than taking a course often taught by teachers who have never made money in the markets, you tell us what you are looking for and we’ll do our best to put you together and learn from a proven, profitable trader.

In general, Black Eagle will wire all due profits by the 5th of the following month. For example, January profits will be paid by February 5th. However, we understand that a single monthly payment might not work for everyone and might result in too much capital being accumulated in the account, particularly for larger, highly profitable groups. Because of this, we can arrange flexible payment schedules when needed.

Capital Security is one of the most important items in this industry so we have taken many steps to ensure that our traders’ capital is secure including: flexible payment schedules, setting up escrow accounts when larger amounts of capital are required to be held and dealing only with trusted brokers and banks. Have another suggestion that would make you feel more comfortable? Let us know and we’ll make it happen.


All Black Eagle traders have access to over 130 routes by default, including DMA routes, smart order routers, dark pool aggregators, midpoint aggregators, floor brokers and many more. Need something else? Create a custom route that accesses the markets the exact way you need it to.